Czech Trance Artist Thomas Coastline Passes Away at Age 35

Thomas Coastline, a Czech DJ and producer of trance, progressive house, and melodic techno, has died at age 35.

Denis Kaznacheev Once Again at Threat of Extradition to US

The U.S. government once again called for Denis Kaznacheev’s immediate extradition from Berlin on suspicion of cybercrime.

Chicago’s Newest Soccer Team is Called Chicago House Athletic Club

The Chicago House Athletic Club’s name is an homage to Chicago’s house music culture, which the club intends bring into soccer.

Harry Sword Releases Book on Drone Music, Monolithic Undertow

Harry Sword’s exploration of the drone from antiquity to the modern underground sound is out now via White Rabbit Books.

INA and SieXsein Europe Propose Pilot Tests of “100% COVID-Free” Events in Barcelona

SieXsein Europe, the INA say that their system would ensure safe events – even without face masks or social distancing.

Annabel Ross: It is “Extraordinarily Difficult” for Victims to Come Forward

Who is Annabel Ross, and what does her style of investigative journalism entail? Dave Clarke reports.

Ravn Jonassen to Release Electro EP, Fatima, The Struggle is Real! via Burial Soil

Berlin artist Ravn Jonassen’s latest endeavor was inspired by U.K. politicians’ suggestion that workers in the arts must “retrain and find new jobs.”

Divide and Oisel Collaborate on Ciclo EP via Affekt Recordings

Divide and Oisel’s three-track minimal/dub techno record, The Ciclo EP, released in digital format via Italian label Affekt Recordings.