Arturia Introduces the V Collection X, Adding 6 New Instruments

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Arturia‘s V Collection X continues the developer’s journey of making “reference instruments for music makers.” The now 39-instrument collection adds six new instruments and showcases two new rebuilds of their popular plugins.

These new additions add hundreds of new presets, covering many popular styles and genres of modern music. The new update comes after Arturia recently gave significant discounts on their previous version (V Collection 9) during the Cyber Holiday sales events.

Read on for Selector‘s breakdown of the new instruments and updates in V Collection X.

MiniFreak V

Arturia’s 37-key polyphonic, six-voice multi-oscillator synthesizer is now available in V Collection X. Originally released as a standalone plugin in early 2023, the MiniFreak V comes with 300 unique presets for easy use upon startup.

Added enhancements include an “advanced” panel for fine-tune modulations and routing, and mirroring is available for owners of the physical MiniFreak, allowing full parameter control of the Minifreak V. The new “sequencer view” adds access to create complex arpeggios and automation for intricate and unique arrangements.

Connecting any Arturia Lab-branded controller gives full mapping, along with easy-to-use setup to map to other controllers.

Acid V

The Acid V is Arturia’s Roland TB-303 Bassline clone, with many more modern features included in the software than in its physical version.

Arturia enhances the iconic acid house synth with two-octave range sub oscillators, 14-algorithm distortion, a dedicated sequencer, modulation control, and more. An effects panel is also on the Acid V, with 4 FX slots and 17 total FX settings.

Over 150 factory presets and 350 sequence presets are also added on the Acid V, along with MTS-ESP (Microtuning) compatibility. Drag-and Drop MIDI is part of the Acid V; users can arrange sequences and use the MIDI data with other instruments.

CP-70 V

The CP-70 V is a faithful emulation of the Yamaha CP-70, the go-to electroacoustic keyboard of many artists from the ’70s through today.

Arturia’s modern features on the CP-70 V start with a full, three-band equalizer and a chainable effects array with 16 assignable settings. The “Twin AMP FX” setting changes the sound of the CP-70 V, giving it a more Fender Twin or Leslie-like keyboard sound.

An “age option” allows the detuning of the plugin to sound like an older, untuned Yamaha CP-70. There are over 50 factory presets moving between classic grand piano, electric keyboard and other styles of keyboards.

The CP-70V’s “Advanced ” screen allows for more intricate control over velocity response, tuning, timbre shift and other parameters. Arturia V Collection X also includes pedal and key noises for the CP-70 V that replicate the sound of playing a physical CP-70.


The Augmented series of instruments come with “production-ready” pianos, brass and woodwind instruments, making it suitable for users writing game scores and movie soundtracks.

Each Augmented plugin is a mix of high-quality recorded and processed samples, along with other abstract plugins. A “flexible” synth engine is present in each device, allowing the user to add more details in their sound design. This engine carries ranges of synthesizers, including granular, virtual analogue, and more.

As a whole, seven additional macros outfit the Augmented plugins: Time, FX A/B, Motion, Delay, Color and Reverb. Each also comes with two LFOs, two Random Generators, two Function Generators, and four Keyboard modulation sources. A 16-step arpeggiator and over 300 presets comes standard for each plugin.

Rounding out these powerful plugins is a standout feature found in the Augmented WOODWIND plugin. It is the only plugin in the series that works alongside MIDI Polyphonic Expression, or MPE-compatible controllers and DAWs.

Synth Rebuilds: Mini V and Wurli V (V3)

The Mini V is Arturia’s triple-oscillator, six-voice synthesizer emulation of the Moog Music Minimoog keyboard from the ’70s and ’80s.

The Mini V’s rebuild adds a stronger sound engine, more modulation, a polymetric arpeggiator, and four “keyboard expressivity” (MPE) modes. “Filter Bass Compensation” raises or lowers resonance or cutoff on Mini V’s filters without losing is lower-end frequencies. 150 factory-ready presets are available for quick use in the Mini V, covering basses, leads, pads and more.

Wurli V‘s Wurlitzer rebuild adds new preset palettes and a pedal rig with four FX slots and 16 FX types. 64 Different presets cover many different styles of keyboards and tonal qualities of the Wurli V.

The Mini V and Wurli V instruments also come with an “Advanced” panel, giving users ability to control and connect many parameters across each device.

Pricing and Compatibility

The Arturia V Collecton X costs $599. The entire collection is available for both Mac and Windows computers and is installed using the Arturia Software Center (ASC).

The MiniFreak V, Acid V, CP-70 V, Mini V 4 and Wurli V 3 cost $199 separately. The Augmented BRASS, Augmented GRAND PIANO and Augmented WOODWIND series cost $99 separately.

For current owners of the V Collection 9, upgrading to V Collection X costs $199. Additionally, A $99 upgrade to V collection X is for current owners holding a license of V collection 9 and at least three V Collection X instruments.

Find more information on Arturia’s website.

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