Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – 10 Choice Cuts From February

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Searching for new music takes time, something that seems to be in shorter and shorter supply these days for many of us. Given the sheer number of releases that grace the Internet on a daily basis, occasionally great tracks are bound to pass you by.

Crate Digging is a monthly roundup of top-tier tunes you might have missed from across the electronic music spectrum. From obscurities uncovered during trips down Bandcamp rabbit holes to the latest releases from legendary artists, Crate Digging is here to keep your collection up to date.

1. Flower Storm – The First Trial [Flower Storm]

Sepehr and Kasra V return with another mythical club mutation that combines upfront, dance floor-ready music with traditional Iranian instruments and ethereal vocals into a heady, swirling soundscape. “The First Trial” is a fascinating exploration of both cultural heritage and contemporary club aesthetics.

2. Rosati – First Impression [dolly]

Italy’s Rosati delivers warm, energetic, funky techno with a clear reverence for the genre’s Detroit roots in the form of “First Impression.” The result is high-tech grooves for those who appreciate techno with soul.

3. Aril Brikha and Chymera – XIV (Restless Mix) [Self-Released]

Longtime friends Aril Brikha and Chymera team up to celebrate 14 years of friendship in the most beautiful way possible. Both artists’ knack for crafting lush, enveloping melodies and tight, propulsive rhythms is on display here, with the “Restless Mix” of “XIV” earning a place as one of the best tracks in both their catalogues.

4. Aerae – Exsilio [Annulled Music]

“Exsilio” is a deconstructed, hypnotic drum and bass/techno hybrid that reinforces the age-old adage that “less is more.” Aerae sets up a brooding, psychedelic groove that forms the basis of the track, creating tension at just the right moments with extra percussive flourishes and eerie effects.

5. Duburban – Chasm [Self-Released]

“Chasm” is classic atmospheric jungle from Duburban that pays homage to sound system culture with its classy drum breaks, edits, rugged TR-808 bass stabs, and subtle melodic sequences.

6. Elemental – Drive in out [Runtime Records]

This spiraling, brooding, leftfield techno cut from Elemental slowly unfurls into a spacious, gritty blend of desiccated beats, swirling atmospherics, and quirky synth patterns. “Drive in out” is one of those rare tracks that works both on a dance floor and in headphones.

7. Nicolas Barnes – Array Syst [Dubwax Digital]

If you’re looking for absolutely delightful and uplifting — but still classy — deep house, then “Array Syst” is a must-listen. Nicolas Barnes pairs a subtle drum loop with a funky bass loop to create a head-nodding groove, which is then joined by floaty chords and subtle pads for added warmth.

8. JC Laurent – Comet (Na Nich Remix) [Cielo Records]

Na Nich utilizes the deep, spacious backbone of  JC Laurent‘s “Comet,” keeping its minimalistic and futuristic aesthetic while adding some extra oomph in the form of a driving, trancey bass line and melancholy, washed-out pads.

9. DC Salas – Moving Shadows [Correspondant]

This is an Italo-meets-EBM banger that reflects the contradictions of modern life with its sound design. DC Salas contrasts a dark, driving bass line and electronic sequences with playful drums and euphoric melodies, giving “Moving Shadows” a unique sonic palette.

10. Kloke – Drum Telepathy [Future Retro London]

Melbourne’s Kloke was given the honour of releasing the first full-length album on Future Retro London, and “Drum Telepathy” is just one of many outstanding tracks from the release. This beautiful modern jungle production is full of intelligent drum programming, huge bass growls, and touch of cosmic melody.

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