AlphaTheta Releases the euphonia 4-Channel Rotary Mixer

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The euphonia has entered Pioneer DJ parent company AlphaTheta into the boutique rotary market.

Custom transformer circuitry in the euphonia by Rupert Neve Designs adds what AlphaTheta calls “harmonics to the music.” The four-channel rotary mixer’s circuitry also boasts a high signal output, with 32-bit D/A and A/D converters.

Its output also uses 96khz/64-bit floating point and AlphaTheta’s proprietary DSP mixing operations. A “Boost Level” switch adjusts the volume level of each frequency band by 0dB to +12dB, depending on the users preference.

Unique Faders and Weights

The near black-finish mixer is slightly larger but similar-looking than its E&S and Bozak competitors, coming standard with four large rotary faders. Each copper fader comes with vibration-absorbent elastomer knobs for smooth volume control. The “3Band Master Isolator” knobs atop the mixer control the cutoff and slope of the master frequencies.

Special weights are also built into each fader knob, as the AlphaTheta site explains:

“When you turn [the fader] at different speeds… a smooth [weight] load is applied when you turn a knob slowly for delicate fine-tuning… a limited load level is applied when you turn a knob quickly to instantly reach your intended volume level.”

The euphonia’s “Energy Visualizer” digital display carries a spectral analyzer and “4-needle” VU Meter, showing a meter for each channel.

Send Effects and Boost Send

Send effects on the euphonia include Delay, Tape Echo, Echo Verb, Reverb, Shimmer, and HPF (high-pass filter).

These effects are accessed via a send button for each channel, with send/return inputs for external devices. A mechanism controls the clicking on Delay, Echo and Echo Verb effects, setting to its specific parameters on the display. Alternatively, the knob will stop clicking and turn smoothly when Reverb or Shimmer is selected, based on non-BPM parameters.

The “Boost Send” feature also pairs with the 3Band knobs. Using the Boost Send button adds effects to the low, mid and high bands, allowing for one-handed effect and EQ control.

Pricing, Additional Support and Availability

The euphonia costs $3,799 and is available now.

Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox software support is available for the euphonia mixer.

For Serato DJ Pro, support is available now via a paid upgrade. Find more information and download Serato on their website.

For rekordbox, a Core, Creative or Professional plan ($10-$30/monthly) is available to access the DVS support feature for the euphonia. Find out more information on AlphaTheta’s website.

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