Selector’s 2023 Guide to Cyber Holiday Deals

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Selector‘s 2023 Cyber Holiday roundup comes with more major retailers across the music universe giving special discounts upon checkout.

This year’s offerings are a little different, however. Some discounts start on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and continue until the end of the year and beyond.

Read on for a few of the best deals Selector found online from across the internet.

iZotope Creative Mix Bundle

Apple/PC, AU/VST2,VST3, 64-bit 

$49 (originally $545), Plugin Boutique until December 3rd

iZotope‘s Creative Mix Bundle works best for those looking to add more dynamic elements  while making or mixing tracks.

The bundle comes with the VocalSynth 2 vocal production synthesizer plugin, the Neoverb reverb plugin with real-time setting assistance, music producer BT‘s award-winning Stutter Edit 2, and iZotope’s latest mixing plugin (also with real-time assistance) Neutron 4 Elements.

The Creative Mix Bundle comes at a 91% discount, one of the largest out there for modern mixing solutions.

Additionally, Plugin Boutique has three of the four plugins available at a discount until January 15th, 2024. VocalSynth and Stutter Edit 2 cost $31 each, while Neoverb is on sale for $25.


Universal Audio UAD Essentials Edition

Apple/PC, VST3, AAU, AAX

$49 (originally $299) until December 1st

The UAD Essentials Edition boasts 11 plugins, mostly faithful recreations of Universal Audio‘s flagship analogue hardware into plugins.


Teletronix & Pultec

The Teletronix LA-2A offers three different versions based on various histories of the compressor – LA-2A Silver, Gray, and the LA-2. The three models offer distinct variations in time constants, compression knee, headroom, distortion and more.

The Pultec Passive EQ Collection are a collection of three Universal Audio vintage tube equalizers. The EQP-1A crafts bass and low end, the midrange MEQ-5 work best with vocals, and the HLF-3C adds effects to audio as well as correcting issues in higher audio frequencies.



UA’s POLYmax synth plugin is also part of the package, a plugin emulating two analogue circuit systems found in many iconic synthesizers: the Solid State Music (SSM) and Curtis Electronic Music (CEM) chips. Along with this emulation, the POLYmax also features Universal Audio’s classic effects, like the “Hall B” reverb, flangers, tape delay, and more.

Other plugins in the package include the Oxide Tape Recorder, Roland RE-201 delay emulator Galaxy Tape Echo, and the Pure Plate Reverb.

UAD Native, UAD and UADx Plugins

Universal Audio’s UAD Essentials Edition runs on Mac and PC, with plugins listing in DAWs as “Native UAD” (UADx), meaning no additional hardware such as the Apollo/UAD-2 is needed for the software to work.

In turn, a faster, accelerated version of the plugin package is available for hardware owners of the Apollo and UAD-2 series audio interfaces. These plugins are offered in VST2, AU, and AAX formats and are listed in DAW as “UAD” plugins. As of recently, UAD v11 plugins now carry support for VST3.

Purchasing the bundle gains access keys to both standalone and accelerated hardware versions.


Arturia Collection 9

Arturia V Collection 9

Apple/PC, Standalone / VST / Aax / AAU

$299 (originially $599), until December 5th

Arturia‘s V collection 9 is down to its previous introductory discount rate of $299.

The V collection’s massive, 33-instrument plugin suite emulates classic synthesizers from brands like Korg, Yamaha and VOX Continental. In total, 14 sound banks and over 9,000 presets are ready to use in the collection.

V Collection 9’s recent Discovery Update 9.1 comes with customizable MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support and additional workflow commands for the MiniLAb 3 controller. Faster MIDI mapping across many controllers is also a part of the pack. The 9.1 update is free to current owners of the full plugin suite.

V Collection 9 is compatible with Windows 10 and Apple computers; installation is available via the Arturia Service Center (ASC).


All The Samples From Mars – Full Pack

$49 (originally $2,067)

62GB of 75 sample packs make up the All The Samples From Mars pack, sitting at a staggering $2,018 discount.

Samples From Mars is a popular destination for producers, gathering content from “extensively sampling” rare and vintage drum machines, synthesizers, samplers and more. The group also meticulously pitches each sample to the correct settings as they sound on the authentic devices from which they’re recorded.

Aside from providing high-quality 24-bit WAV samples, each pack is mapped and playable for various DAWs and controllers like Ableton, Logic, Akai‘s MPC, Native Instruments‘ Maschine and more.

At the time of writing, there does not seem to be an expiration on the deal, which means it may remain a deal from not through 2024 or later.

Native Instruments Komplete 14

Apple/PC, 64-Bit AU/AAX/VST

50% off Komplete Select, Standard, Ultimate and Collector’s Edition ($99.50 – 899.50)

Native Instruments‘ recent release of their expansive sound library Komplete 14 is marked down as part of their site-wide Cyber Season sale.

Starting at the Select edition at $99.50, purchasers get 18 instruments and effects, 8 Expansions, and 15,000 sounds.

The Standard edition ($299.50) comes with additions from iZotope, Brainworx and Plugin Alliance, plugin developers now part of Native Instruments. These editions are ideal for the starting producer or sound designer.

Ultimate’s package ($599.50) carries over 80,000 sounds and 62 Expansions, and the Komplete Collector’s edition ($899.50) carries over 103 Expansions and 148 instruments. Both collections are software offerings. According to Native Instruments, they’re more fit for television, film and game composers’ needs.

Additionally, upgrades for each version start at $49.50 for Select, $99.50 for Standard, $199.50, and $249.50 for the Collector’s Edition.

It is also one of the longest-lasting sales on this roundup, continuing until January 15th, 2024.


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