Animoog Galaxy and Algoriddim Djay Pro: Selector’s Look into Apple Vision Pro’s First Music Apps

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Apple‘s Vision Pro augmented reality headset device recently debuted to mixed reviews from users and critics.

Over 700 apps are already optimized for the augmented reality device, yet two at the moment work for music creation and curation: Moog Music‘s Animoog Galaxy and Algoriddim‘s Djay Pro. Both apps carry an array of features that cater to Apple Vision Pro’s “spatial computing” features like hand gestures, eye tracking and more.

Selector takes a further look at the standout features from the newest AR/VR versions of these apps. Read on for more information on each one.

Animoog Galaxy

Animoog Galaxy is an Apple Vision Pro version of Animoog Z, the iPad app released in 2021 that Moog calls a “Multisensory Synthesizer.”

Animoog Galaxy uses Moog’s proprietary “Anisotropic Synth Engine,” allowing the X/Y/Z axis shaping of unique timbres to create many different soundscapes. Graphically, Animoog Galaxy enhances the virtual user experience with “a futuristic user interface that takes cues from popular sci-fi imagery.”

Selecting and dragging the orbit path using Vison Pro’s hand gestures allows the instrument to move through various timbres and sounds. Over 120 presets are ready to use for Animoog Z for easy setup and play.

Like the Animoog Z, Galaxy comes with an expressive keyboard, MIDI Out for external keyboards, and MPE support. Moog’s standard four-pole filter, delay effects, and looper are also included of Animoog Galaxy.

Animoog Galaxy includes backwards compatibility with presets and timbres from Animoog Z.

Algoriddim Djay Pro

Algoriddim Djay Pro adds Apple Vision Pro support to its app, turning its flagship software into an augmented reality DJ booth.

Djay Pro’s notable turntable setup becomes three-dimensional, Technics-like turntables in the Vision Pro app. The virtual setup includes a fully interactive stylus, mixer and pitch fader controls.

A selected song in Djay Pro then renders out as a floating 3D vinyl record with a sleeves. From there, Vison Pro motion commands also open panels in the app to select songs and place the “vinyl” on the platters. 

Audio effects, “Neural Mix” stem separation, and features available across each iOS platform are in the Vision Pro version (but Neural Mix is not available for Apple Music or TIDAL streaming). Djay Pro’s graphics options also include customizable VR/AR visual backgrounds and spatial video effects using hand motions. 

Apple Music

Apple Music integration is also now part of Algoriddim Djay’s already vast streaming service accessibility. Connecting to Apple Music grants access to Apple’s entire library. In the app, a selected Apple Music track also renders the artwork of the release as the “sleeve art” of the 3D vinyl.

Pricing, Compatibility and Availability

The Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499 and is available now to purchase at Find more info on the Apple website.

Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro costs $29.99 and is available now on the App Store. More information is available on the Moog Music website

Algoriddim Djay is free to use and available now on the App Store. A “Pro” subscription to Djay is required to gain access to Apple Vision Pro and its features. A monthly Pro subscription is $6.99; an annual subscription is $49.99. At the moment, Algoriddim is currently offering a free seven-day trial for all users to test out Djay Pro. Existing Apple Music subscribers can get a free two-month trial for subscribing.

Algoriddim Djay and Animoog Galaxy require visionOS1.0 and later versions to work. Find more information about Djay on Algoriddim’s website.


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