Moog Music to Move Out of Current Asheville Location

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Moog Music is moving to a more central location in their home city of Asheville, with its current buildings up for lease. Moog CEO Joe Richardson states the Asheville Citizen-Times building is the new locale for the company’s product design, development, and engineering branch.

The company, now part of InMusic, moved to its famous Broadway Street location in 2011. Moog will move into the second floor of the building; the current Citizen-Times staff moves out near the end of March.

Moog’s move will also have them operating above popular café and record press Citizen Vinyl.

Moog also plans expansion of its factory in Weaverville, a short drive north of Asheville. According to a Citizen-Times interview, expanding “will enhance assembly and warehousing capabilities and is more convenient for staff who build the synthesizers.”

Asheville Citizen-Times Building, the new home of Moog Music Inc. Image credit: Warren LeMay

About Moog Music

R. A. Moog Co had its start in 1952 by Robert Moog and his father. It was later rebranded as Moog Music in 1972. Devices like the Moog (the first commercial synthesizer) and the Minimoog are notable as the world’s most influential electronic instruments.

Alongside synthesizers, Moog creates apps for many different computing platforms and devices.

Music enterprise inMusic purchased Moog in June of 2023. The acquisition laid nearly 30 workers (of a team of 90), some who are responsible for building the instruments by hand. 

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