Pioneer DJ Parent Company AlphaTheta Corporation Announces New Gear Brand

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Tech | 0 comments

AlphaTheta Corporation has announced that it will start releasing gear under the name AlphaTheta. The brand announcement falls on the 30th anniversary of the Pioneer CDJ-500, the first ever CDJ released in 1994.

A recent press statement explains the rebrand to its parent company’s name in more detail:

“The name AlphaTheta directly refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in optimal performance… Our aim is to use our innovative technologies in sound and music creation to enable and enrich these peak moments. With products launching as AlphaTheta, we’ve created a brand that will propel us into the future, while also maintaining the quality and innovation that you’ve come to expect from us.”

Pioneer DJ became AlphaTheta Corporation at the beginning of 2020. The rebrand, as mentioned in their December 2019 press statement, was intended to “better reflect [AlphaTheta’s] values and vision.” In March of 2020, equity firm KKR sold AlphaTheta to Noritsu for $606 million. 

AlphaTheta gained acquisition of all Serato Audio Research Limited shares in August of 2023. Ultimately, the purchase adds Serato to AlphaTheta’s growing group of products including rekordbox, KUVO, and more.

“AlphaTheta embraces diversity and inclusion, and celebrates the playfulness of DJing and producing music,” the company further explains. “We look forward to growing alongside you, the community who are connected by a passion for music and its culture.”

New products under the AlphaTheta name will be launching this week ahead of their appearance at NAMM Show 2024 in Anaheim, California. Current Pioneer DJ releases include the DJM-A9 DJ Mixer and the OPUS-QUAD 4-Deck DJ Controller

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