Israeli Producer Kashpitzsky Gets Fast and Loud in New EP, Reckless

by | Mar 5, 2022 | Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

After a two-year absence following his 2020 EP, Outsider, Tel-Aviv-based DJ and producer Kashpitzsky is back with his second EP, Reckless, once again released through the record imprint Be As One.

The EP continues Kashpitzsky’s aggressive, fast-paced sound with four tracks offering up smooth, exploratory techno as well as anxiety-inducing soundscapes. Beginning with the track “Defensive Approach,” Reckless starts with a pulsating, minimalist beat that gradually crescendos into more nuance with haunting vocals and an unrelenting bass line throughout. It continues exploring fast paced, moody, and pensive sounds until the last track, aptly titled “Devil’s Bath,” which erupts in a cacophony of syncopated polyrhythms.

About Kashpitzsky

Before turning in his guitar for a drum machine, Kashpitzsky carved out a name for himself in Tel-Aviv’s music scene as the guitarist in a metalcore band. Since then, he’s been at the heart of the city’s rave scene since 2016. Before landing a three-year residency at Tel-Aviv venue Bootleg Club, he and Israeli techno collective V-DOOY ran underground raves throughout the city. His main bodies of work have so far been released through Israeli DJ and producer Shlomi Aber‘s Be As One record imprint.

Purchase Reckless in digital and limited white label vinyl record format via Be As One Bandcamp.

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