Robert and Lyric Hood Announce Pair of Floorplan Singles on Classic Music Company

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Detroit Techno, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Coming this month to Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon‘s Classic Music Company is a pair of tunes from Robert and Lyric Hood‘s Floorplan project. Titled “Right There” and “Holy Ghost,” the singles by the father-daughter duo will follow the release of their August two-tracker, The Struggle / Save the Children.

Each track was given a 90-second preview on the Bleep page dedicated to the release. In the short segment, you can hear another helping of uplifting house put forth by the duo. Piano and vocal-driven, the songs see the Hoods showcase their innate ability to deliver a sound that inspires both physical and emotional movement.

Robert Hood has been busy as of late. In the fall, a post-disco mixtape of his from 2004 was uncovered and posted on Mixcloud for all to enjoy. Shortly before that, he made his Rekids debut with the release of his EP, Nothing Stops Detroit. In addition to the EP, he offered fans even more music with a new full-length album, Mirror Man.

“Right There” and “Holy Ghost” under Robert and Lyric Hood’s Floorplan project will be released on Thursday, January 21st. You can pre-order the tracks on vinyl here.

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