Robert Hood Announces Upcoming Album, Mirror Man via Rekids

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Last month, Robert Hood announced his Rekids solo debut – a four-song EP titled Nothing Stops Detroit. With the 12-inch record due out later this week, the Detroit techno mainstay has announced a longform effort through the label founded by Radio SlaveMirror Man, as it’s titled, will release on November 20th.

Comprising 14 pieces of music, Mirror Man will explore sounds ranging from minimal techno to house to downtempo. Titles like “Black Mirror” and “Ignite A War” stand out, suggesting that the album might pose social commentary on 2020 affairs. Hood and his daughter, Lyric, released an EP titled The Struggle / Save The Children that resulted from similar musings in August.

Robert Hood Revisited

Along with fellow second-wave Detroit techno artists Jeff Mills and “Mad” Mike Banks, Robert Hood co-founded the label and DJ collective Underground Resistance in 1989. The group’s anti-establishment branding and ethos is a big part of the reason techno has a history as protest music.

Hood’s music itself has left a mark that continues to inform producers and DJs through the present day. As noted by Resident Advisor, his 1994 album, Minimal Nation, provided a blueprint for minimal techno still relevant over 25 years later.

Find the tracklist for Mirror Man below.

  1. Through A Looking Glass Darkly
  2. Nothing Stops Detroit
  3. Fear Not
  4. Black Mirror
  5. Falling Apart
  6. Run Bobby, Run
  7. Freeze
  8. A System Of Mirrors
  9. Face In The Water
  10. A Shattered Image
  11. Ignite A War
  12. Prism
  13. 7 Mile Dog
  14. The Cure

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