Robert Hood Shares 2004 Mixtape Inspired by Post-Disco “Lost Era”

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Detroit Techno, Heritage Artists, Post-Disco | 0 comments

Robert Hood has unearthed a long-forgotten mixtape – but it’s a far cry from his signature style of minimal techno. Rather, it was recorded to capture an a time in dance culture that the Detroit-born, Alabama-based DJ, producer and preacher considers a “lost era.”

Hood said as much in an interview with Stamp The Wax, the U.K. blog who reshared the tape via Mixcloud. After touching on topics like religion and racial justice, he recounted recording the mix in a small Detroit studio space. “I remember reflecting on the short space of time between disco and electronic music and thinking, ‘that was a lost era,’ he said. “Not many people pay attention to that moment, and I thought it would be nice to do a mix based around that.”

Indeed, the first half of the mix includes post-disco, new wave and electro by the likes of Depeche ModeKano and Tom Tom Club. Later on, the stripped-down sounds that would become dance floor favorites find their way in. “A Better Way” by Royal House and “Energy Flash” by Joey Beltram are but a couple of the songs from what would have been the time period in which Hood’s career came into its own.

Hood’s 2004 mixtape isn’t the only place curious music fans can get a glimpse of post-disco. REVIVEHER recently began compiling a list of music played by Larry Levan at Paradise Garage that consists of similar fare.

On Friday, Robert Hood will release a 14-track album titled Mirror Man.

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