Samuel Rohrer’s “Microcosmoism” Remixed by Ricardo Villalobos and Burnt Friedman

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Samuel Rohrer‘s unconventional style of techno has been further colored by two deserving creative visionaries. Ricardo Villalobos and Burnt Friedman have contributed the two remixes of “Microcosmoism” comprising the Range of Regularity Remixes 2 EP.

Considering that Rohrer’s background as a jazz musician resulted in a more organic interpretation of techno, Friedman’s own experimental approach does it justice. Virtually atonal save for a dissonant bass line, his remix of “Microcosmoism” makes for a meditative and atmospheric adaptation of the source material.

Rohrer’s six-track Range of Regularity EP arrived by way of German label arjunamusic in April. The first remix EP came out in June and consisted of remixes by Friedman, Villalobos and Vilod (the latter artist’s collaborative project with Max Loderbauer).

Friedman’s “Microcosmoism” remix is by no means the most avant-garde piece of music he’s put out in recent memory. Last month, he released a six-track EP titled Dead Saints Chronicles largely inspired by accounts of near-death experiences.

The Ricardo Villalobos and Burnt Friedman remixes of Samuel Rohrer’s “Microcosmoism” will officially come out as Range of Regularity Remixes 2 on September 29th.

Source: XLR8R

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