Burnt Friedman Channels Near-Death Experiences in Dead Saints Chronicles

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Music, News | 0 comments

It’s not common for an artist to cite the near-death experiences (NDEs) of others as inspiration for an EP. Then again, Burnt Friedman is not a common artist. The German producer released just such an effort titled Dead Saints Chronicles today, July 6th, via Marionette.

Cryptic and difficult to categorize, the six singles comprising Dead Saints Chronicles fuse alien melodies with oft atonal atmospheric samples. The tracklist covers a broad range of tempos, moods and styles but remains anchored to the same conceptual core throughout.

Burnt Friedman (born Bernd Friedman) has composed experimental and electroacoustic music as far back as the ’90s. He incorporates self-made instruments as well as the likes of vibraphones, melodicas and kalimbas into his arrangements, which borrow from elements of glitch, IDM and techno.

The title of the EP is the same as a 2016 book written by David Solomon and Antony West which draws inferences about the afterlife based on thousands of accounts of NDEs. Solomon started writing the book after being diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal form of brain cancer, and published it after outliving his doctors’ expectations.

Dead Saints Chronicles by Burnt Friedman comes out on Marionette today, July 6th.

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