Moog Music has been Acquired by inMusic

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Moog Music now operates under the inMusic group of music companies that including Akai, M-Audio, and other brands.

A statement from their official Facebook page explains the acquisition in more detail:

“Devoted to maintaining the sound, quality, and manufacturing philosophy that our company and instruments are known for, inMusic is able to offer solutions to support the areas that have been ongoing challenges for us as a small manufacturing business. This new partnership will enable us access to inMusic’s efficient global distribution and supply chain network while providing inMusic and its affiliated brands with deep expertise in analogue synthesis.

This new opportunity allows our team to continue focusing on doing what we do best: developing and building the best-sounding electronic musical instruments for artists around the world.”

Moog Music

R. A. Moog Co. was founded in 1952 by Robert Moog and his father. It was later rebranded as Moog Music in 1972. Flagship instruments like the Moog (the first commercial synthesizer) and the Minimoog are hailed as some of the world’s most influential electronic instruments. Moog’s modern products meet the growing demands of modern music, with popular mobile apps and Eurorack instruments.

In June of 2022, Moog workers began a unionization campaign to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

CEO Joe Richardson concludes in his statement regarding the acquisition on Moog Music’s website:

“We are excited to introduce you to the many innovative hardware and software instruments our team has on the horizon…The future is bright for Moog and the incredible community that has embraced our instruments and all we stand for. We’re grateful for your loyalty and support along the way, and we can’t wait for you to see (and hear) all that’s ahead.”


Rhode Island-based inMusic cites innovation and access to music technology as their main mission. Starting in 1992, CEO Jack O’Donnell bought DJ equipment manufacturer Numark Electronics. In 2001, O’Donnell purchased Alesis then MPC inventor Akai in 2005. Now with ownership of 19 popular music companies including Moog Music, inMusic is a leader in the music retail market.

Find more information on the inMusic acquisition on the Moog Music website.

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