The Minimoog Model D iOS App is Now a Free macOS App

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Moog Music‘s Minimoog Model D iOS app is available standalone and as a desktop plugin for major DAWs.

Users on macOS running Big Sur or above can use this version of the app, previously for iPhone and iPad. The AUv3 app is in a VST3/AU wrapper, porting the sounds and parameters exactly as they are on the mobile versions.

This allows compatibility with almost any macOS DAW that supports VST3/AU plugins. Apple Silicon support is also available.

The virtual recreation of the four-note polyphonic synthesizer comes ready to use with 160 presets. A new preset management system from Moog provides fast access to each patch. An arpeggiator, real-time loop recorder, Bender — a new effect Moog calls “wide-range stereo time modulation effect module” — and more are included.

Moog also provides expansion packs for the Minimoog Model D, with 30 presets that cover a variety of additional sounds.

The Minimoog Model D macOS app is free to download for existing iOS users and an introductory price of $25 for new users. For iOS plugin owners, signing into the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID grants a free download. 

Download the Moog Minimoog Model D on the App Store.


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