Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – 15 High-Quality Tunes from September

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As much as we may wish we did, most of us don’t have the time to spend countless hours trawling for new music. With the sheer volume of it released on a daily basis, some great tracks fly under the radar.

Crate Digging is a monthly roundup of top-tier tunes you might have missed from across the electronic music spectrum. From obscurities uncovered during trips down Bandcamp rabbit holes to the latest releases from legendary artists, Crate Digging is here to keep your collection up to date.

1. Sascha Funke – Haus More [Kompakt]

Long-running, eclectic imprint Kompakt welcomes back the equally experienced Sascha Funke for his first release for the label in eight years, and he settles back in with ease. “Haus More” is a trippy, mid-tempo cut that blends stripped-down, chuggy drums with swirling, slightly sinister melodies.

2. Konsudd – Schwebende [Amenthia Recordings]

Previously contributing to Amenthia Recordings as solo artists, Konduku and Aa Sudd team up for heady, spaced-out trip into psychedelic half-time on “Schwebende.” Pulsating bass and synthetic drums create a thunderous groove which is peppered with reverbed percussion, gnarly metallic washes, and grainy synth stabs.

3. Lord Jalapeños – Stimulus [Science Cult]

A dark, gritty mix of bit-crushed sonics, crunchy drums, and rumbling bass, “Stimulus” proves that Lord Jalapeños is a great fit for Austin-based label Science Cult with his IDM-influenced electro sound that is equal parts conceptual and propulsive.

4. Abstract Division – Nightfall [Dynamic Reflection]

After a long line of singles and EPs, Abstract Division have landed on Dynamic Reflection with their first full-length album, and “Nightfall” is a standout cut. It’s a beautiful, warm and driving slice of dub techno that would make Basic Channel proud.

5. Yant – Red Eye Jedi [Hardgroove]

One of the most exciting techno artists to emerge in the last few years, Manchester’s Yant debuts on the legendary label Hardgroove. “Red Eye Jedi” is a dense, percussive techno roller with a growling, urgent groove.

6. Mark E – Heartaches [Delusions Of Grandeur]

U.K. underground house hero Mark E has landed on Delusions Of Grandeur for the first time with “Heartaches,” a stunning and expansive house jam. A funky, electric bass loop and subtle drums propel the groove, while fluttering, jazzy piano chords add a soulful, sparkling touch.

7. Lithe – Mainline [Flood]

“Mainline” sees up-and-coming Australian producer Lithe offer up a rollicking leftfield techno workout. Precise, mechanical drums are offset by rugged bass sequences, off-kilter bleeps and bloops, and tense synth stabs.

8. Hysteria Temple Foundation – Annunaki [Hysteria Temple Foundation]

Relatively new producer duo Hysteria Temple Foundation blend traditional instrumentation with electronic grit on “Annunaki” to excellent effect. High octane, heavily-processed drums and organic instruments, field recordings from a busy bazaar, and experimental sound design combine to create a raucous, percussive rhythm that will turn the dance floor into a primal ritual.

9. Sleep D – Post Pump [Butter Sessions]

Australian leftfield-techno-electro-dub darlings Sleep D are back with another immaculately produced groove. Taking cues from the classic tech house sound of the late ’90s with its driving kick and shuffled hi-hats, dubbed-out synth hits, and time stretched vocals, “Post Pump” is chunky, funky, and spacious.

10. William Arist – Moral Song [Perseverancia Records]

This is a lush, deep journey from one of the most exciting producers to hit the techno scene in the last few years. “Moral Song” sees William Arist focusing on emotive, evolving pads and subtle bells, which float over the top of a warm analogue bassline and dusty drums.

11. Turk Turkelton – Shake Left and Right [Habibi Bass]

Turk Turkelton delivers some pumped-up electro funk with a ghetto bass edge that is right at home on Habibi Bass. Snappy TR-808 drums, wiggly synth lines, and a classic vocal sample make this an instant party starter.

12. Paul Mac – First Mode [Stimulus Recordings]

Legendary producer Paul Mac unearths and remasters a forgotten gem from his days on percussive techno imprint Ingoma. With its densely layered percussion, evolving bass line, and Detroit-flavored chords, this is quintessential U.K. techno.

13. DJ Strawberry – Acelem Var [Outlines]

Sitting in the murky territory between footwork, dub techno, and IDM, “Acelem Var” is Turkish artist DJ Strawberry in his element. Taken from his debut album Cycles, it reflects his unique way of injecting pulsating energy and tension into hazy, ambient soundscapes.

14. Kaiser and Matrixxman – Escape Pod [K S R]

Focused around a tight syncopated kick, rumbling bass, and sci-fi sound effects, “Escape Pod” is a simple but highly effective deep techno tool that distills Kaiser and Matrixxman‘s heady, hypnotic style down to its essence.

15. Tristan Arp x Kellen303 – entangled beings [Unknown Untitled]

This is a peak-time, techno-influenced workout that pays homage to Tristan Arp and Kellen303‘s hometown of New York City with its sonic palette while pushing leftfield, percussive club music into new territories. Playful and driving, “entangled beings” sees the two producers at the top of their game.

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