Orbital Announce New Album, Share Single Featuring Stephen Hawking

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Experimental, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

British electronic music duo Orbital have announced the release of their new album, 30 Something. As part of the announcement, they shared a track titled “Where Is It Going?” featuring the late physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking.

Produced as part of the 2012 London Paralympics Opening Ceremony, the track features Hawking speaking about his “complete theory of everything” over Orbital’s music.

On the single, Orbital said, “This is our special Paralympic version of ‘Where Is It Going?’, featuring the fantastic Stephen Hawking. He’s tackling the big question of the unification of physics and the understanding of a theory of everything. We’re not there yet, we can’t even find a unification socially as a species but hopefully one day we will find out where we are going…”

Consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, the pair released most of their work from 1989-2004. They have reunited twice since then, releasing new albums both times. The group’s name is taken from Greater London’s orbital motorway (a freeway surrounding a city center), the M25 — an essential part of the city’s early rave scene.

The album is set to release on July 15th and is available to pre-order through numerous digital outlets. Those interested can find more information here.

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