Steinberg Introduces Cubase 12

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Software company Steinberg has debuted Cubase 12, the latest version of the legacy DAW that aims to provide “seamless integration and smooth performance.”

Workflow and productivity improvements are where Cubase 12’s new updates shine. Support for newer models of controllers is available for all three versions of Cubase 12 (Pro, Artist and Elements). When detected, Cubase 12 will automatically adjust mapping options to respond to each controller’s physical features like knobs and transport.

FX Modulator in Cubase 12. Image credit: Steinberg

Other standout enhancements also include FX modulators, a Chord Track converting MIDI to audio via drag-and-drop, and a Scale feature added to VariAudio for smoother timing and pitch corrections. In addition to this, each version of Cubase 12 has improvements to editing and provide near sample-accurate volume automation.

Features that were also available in Steinberg’s other DAW, Nuendo, are now part of Cubase 12’s build. Cubase 12 now grants the ability to use two video tracks for projects like scoring film.

Using the Steinberg login instead of a physical copy-protection device. Image credit: Steinberg

Cubase 12 no longer requires a physical copy-protection device for access to the DAW. Steinberg software users can sign into Cubase simply using their login information. Apple Silicon support for Macs with the new processor comes ready in Cubase 12; audio support for Dolby Atmos is coming in a later maintenance update.

Cubase Pro 12, Cubase Artist 12 and Cubase Elements 12 are available now priced at $580, $330 and $100, respectively. Upgrades for older versions and educational packages for schools are also available.

Find more information and Purchase Cubase 12 on Steinberg’s website


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