Finalversion3 Delivers Techno with Groove on Costilla de Adan EP

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Finalversion3 has debuted on Barcelona label Devotion Records with the Costilla de Adan EP. The five-song effort showcases the DJ and producer’s at once organic and corrosive style of techno. It released in digital format on September 20th.

Dark and hypnotic, tracks like “Barrancos,” “Esporas” and “Astrolabio” (a Brumann collaboration) pair abrasive textures with hints of exotic instrumentals. “Mirada Poderosa,” the arguable standout of the EP, centers around a drum beat with groove uncommon to techno. Lastly, the effort closes out with Vegim‘s upbeat remix of “Barrancos.”

Finalversion3 and Devotion Records

Finalversion3 debuted as a recording artist with a remix of “Opium” by Alexander Piers that appeared on the 2019 EP of its namesake via Sungate. He has since released on Gordo Trax and Newrhythmic Records. Prior to the Costilla de Adan EP, the latter label gave a home to his four-track record, La Estructuro del Silencio.

The brainchild of Lucas Freire and Fernanda Martins, Devotion Records has released techno and adjacent music since the former’s Follow Your Dreams EP in 2015. Six years later, the label’s discography includes records by the likes of Dave SinnerDrop-EKen Ishii and Elias the Prophet.

The Costilla de Adan EP is available for purchase in digital format via Devotion Records Bandcamp.

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