Krenzlin Releases Just No Reasons EP via Warg

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Sebastian Krenzlin, known mononymously as Krenzlin, has landed on Warg with his latest three-track record. The Just No Reasons EP encapsulates the German DJ and producer’s sonically crisp style of techno. It released in digital format September 13th.

In the title track, metallic textures give way to the lead synth’s haunting arpeggio in a progression that plays out gradually over the course of the arrangement. “Transpose Reaction” incorporates dubby reverb delay into the formula, and “The Fifth Day” closes out the effort with higher tension. As a whole, the Just No Reasons EP consists of straightforward techno with an uncommon standard of execution.

Krenzlin and Warg

Krenzlin debuted as a recording artist in 2011 with the Outward EP on Hypnotic Room. A decade later, his discography includes releases on labels like SynewaveSlap JaxxExtrasolar Records and Wall Music.

By comparison, Warg is a much younger brand. Launched in 2017, it primarily organized events in Melbourne before expanding to include a record label. Thus far it has given a home to music by Arnaud Le TexierRohar and ASKE prior to this month’s release.

Purchase the Just No Reasons EP in digital format via Warg Bandcamp.

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