Rei-Sen Releases Techno EP, Demonizing the Enemy, via webuildmachines

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French artists Travon and Kursk have released their debut techno EP under the moniker Rei-Sen. Out via Tunnel‘s webuildmachines imprint June 10th, Demonizing the Enemy includes remixes by ΩRX and the label boss himself.

Bordering on industrial and underscored by various permutations of broken beat, the cinematic style championed by Rei-Sen breathes new life into dark techno. From the evocative title track to the suspenseful “Transgressive Behavior” to the atmospheric “A Long Way To Go,” the seven-track EP makes for a strong initial offering. Tunnel delivers a grating remix of “Perspective of Salvation,” and ΩRX reimagines “A Long Way To Go” with more dynamic for the effort’s closing track.

As its title suggests, Demonizing The Enemy poses relevant social commentary – in inspiration, at least.

“A strategy of demonizing the enemy unavoidably leads to a vicious cycle of atrocities, which has been elaborated by many authors,” reads a description. “Demonization of the enemy makes diplomatic solutions impossible and inevitably leads to war or at minimum, a worsening of relations. Depicting the enemy as particularly evil inspires feelings that make killing easier, due to the aggressor’s perceived moral superiority.”

Demonizing The Enemy by Rei-Sen is available for purchase in digital format via webuildmachines Bandcamp.

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