Glasgow-Based Club SWG3 to Power Events With Body Heat

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Science, Stories | 0 comments

In its quest for carbon neutrality, Scottish nightclub is SWG3 is turning to an unusual power source: dancers’ body heat.

“We’re hugely excited to reveal our plans to introduce a state-of-the-art renewable heating and cooling system to the SWG3 complex, transferring body hear from clubbers and gig-goers into a source of energy to be used again,” the club wrote in a press release.

BODYHEAT uses heat pumps and fluids to capture the incredible amounts of body heat generated by SWG3’s crowds, channeling their combined energy into twelve 150-m deep bore holes drilled beneath the venue,” they continued. “This heat can then either be used immediately to cool the audience, or stored underground until it’s needed to heat the building.”

When idle, the average human radiates about 100 watts of heat. When dancing, they radiate significantly more. Combine this with confined spaces, venue owners have the perfect environment to capture large amounts of energy. They estimate saving about 120 tons of CO2 annually with this new system.

SWG3 Managing Director Andrew Fleming Brown recently explained the organization’s decision. “There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 has brought huge challenge to the events sector around the world, but it has also created a seismic jolt across businesses – underlining the need for a stable and sustainable future,” he said.

The announcement comes as part of Going Net Zero, which is their goal to become totally carbon neutral by COP26 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference). The gathering takes place November 1st-12th, 2021, in Glasgow.

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