Paul Fleetwood Inaugurates Perimeter Junk Imprint with Six Sided EP

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Pittsburgh-born, Denver-based DJ and producer Paul Fleetwood has delivered the first release of his newly minted record label. The Six Sided EP [PJ001] released on Perimeter Junk August 15th in digital format.

Fleetwood’s funky yet subtle brand of techno is on full display in the six-song EP. From the nuanced percussion of “No Dice” to the deep, dubby lead synths of “Belters Bargain” and “Backgamma,” the artist proves the versatility of his signature sound. The effort’s closer, “Faces,” even meanders into more accessible territory without deviating too far from the concepts preceding it.

With no product description or other verbiage to accompany the Six Sided EP, it remains to be seen whether Perimeter Junk will serve only as a vehicle for Paul Fleetwood releases or champion those of other artists. Fleetwood has also remixed songs by the likes of Saint Thomas LeDouxAlala.One and Revy.

The Six Sided EP is available for purchase in digital format via Perimeter Junk Bandcamp.

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