Techno and Adjacent Explored in Blocaus Series Compilation, Era Novum II

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Science fiction scholar Darko Suvin popularized the term “novum” to describe fictional technology with a certain degree of real world plausibility. In that sense, it’s a concept that perfectly fits Blocaus Series‘ techno compilation series. Its second installment, Era Novum II [BLCDS003], released in digital format July 30th.

Respected producers in the techno undercurrent feature heavily on the 16-track album – with remarkably little redundancy. The savage syncopations of singles by Tapefeed and Casual Treatment contrast with the industrial leanings of those from Headless Horseman and Alessandro AdrianiHenning Baer and Takaaki Itoh even bring the tracklist in electro and experimental territory, respectively. Collectively they all make a statement, demonstrating that there’s still room for imagination in techno.

The Blocaus Series Continues

Based in Paris, Blocaus Series launched in 2016 as an extension of an event brand by the same name. The label inaugurated with Leftover Love, a four-track EP by their resident DJ, Anetha.

The first edition of Era Novum released in July 2020. SurgeonOscar Mulero, and Vith were among the artists who appeared on its tracklist.

Purchase Era Novum II in digital format via Blocaus Series Bandcamp.

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