Belgium Announces Event Passport System, COVID Safe Ticket

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

Belgian officials have announced a COVID-19 prevention measure called the COVID Safe Ticket (CST). From August 13th onwards, the certificate will be required to attend outdoor events of 1,500 or more. As of September 1st, it will also be used to visit indoor gatherings within Belgium. 

The document will validate that you have been fully vaccinated, that you could recoup from being infected, or that you took a test. PCR tests will need to be taken within the 72 hours of entry. 

The ticket only is valid in Belgium. Those traveling abroad will need the EU Digital COVID Certificate. 

A statement by Barbara Van Den Haute of Digital Flanders reads as follows: “The CST works in the same way as the EU Digital COVID Certificate. Both certificates use QR codes that appear on your smartphone via the CovidSafeBE app.“ 

”The CST will color red if your negative PCR test is older than 48 hours if you are checked entering an event, while at the airport the same code will color green allowing you to travel,“ she continued.

This follows up on the EU council’s decision to allow traveling with COVID-19 certificates within Europe. The CST can either be printed or displayed on smartphones through the CovidSafeBE app available in both AppStore and PlayStore.

The necessary QR codes can be acquired through the websites Mijn Gezondheid and Mijn Burgerprofiel. A paper version sent via mail can also be requested.


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