Fhase 87 Inaugurates Techno EP Series, Lemegeton

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French DJ and producer Fhase 87 has announced the first installment of a body of work inspired by Renaissance-era demonology. Lemegeton 01 is the first of 18 four-track techno EPs in the series. It releases in digital and vinyl format May 31st.

Each track on the record is named after a demon from the mid-17th century Lemegeton text, also known as The Lesser Key of Solomon. The full series will cover all 72 mythological creatures detailed in the grimoire of ancient texts.

Occult novelty is by no means the only thing working for Lemegeton 01. From the subtle polyrhythms of “Bathin” and “Raum” to the sublimely suspenseful melodies of “Haures” and “Orobas,” the effort consists of dance floor weapons well suited for any techno DJ’s arsenal.

Who is Fhase 87?

François Denecker has disc jockeyed for about 20 years and produced music since 2005. His first release under the alias Fhase 87 was a remix of “Planet” by Greg Denbosa, which appeared on the latter artist’s December 2018 album, Progéniture.

Since then, Denecker has released music on labels like Geometrik RecordsChicago JaxxxTrauma Records and GND Records. According to listings, Lemegeton 01 will come out on a label of its namesake. Denecker has not indicated how frequently he will deliver future editions of the series.

Lemegeton 01 is sold out in 12-inch vinyl record format. It is available for pre-order in digital format via Fhase 87 Bandcamp and deejay.de.

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