YouTube User TheRasteri Hacks DJ Controller to Play Classic Video Game DOOM

by | Nov 28, 2020 | DJ Gear, Tech | 0 comments

If you’re wondering how far along DJ equipment has come since the early days of vinyl record players and standard mixers, look no further than YouTube user TheRasteri. He creatively took his Pioneer XDJ-R2 controller up a notch by using it to play the classic video game Doom.

In the video, TheRasteri loads the game up via one of the controller’s USB ports and plugs a keyboard into the other. Doom then loads, and the user is able to play the first level of the classic game in a seamless manner. In the description of his video, TheRasteri gives clear-cut instructions of how to try the hack at home.

The instructions are full of tech jargon, so the YouTuber has also offered help to anyone having trouble with the process. Now, instead of playing around with the flanger, DJs who are looking for something to do during those nine-minute tracks can opt for a little bit of retro gaming fun instead.

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