Teenage Engineering Presents The Capcom Series Synth and Sampler

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Retro gaming consoles are a hot item right now, with original pieces selling for top dollar or becoming modern updates. Swedish synth maker Teenage Engeneering (TE) took it a step further, releasing the Pocket Operator PO-133 Street Fighter sampler and the PO-128 Mega Man live synthesizer in collaboration with Capcom. Both devices use sounds from the game developer’s most popular titles coupled with TE’s signature technology.

The PO- 133 Street Fighter is based on the PO-33 KO!. It includes genuine samples and 16 theme songs from the original Street Fighter game. Eight melodic sample slots, 15 punch-in effects and a handy microphone for sampling make for nostalgic creativity. The sampled sounds in the PO-133 Street Fighter are from the YM2151 (OPM) chip found in the original arcade game.

The PO-128 Mega Man is based on the PO-28 live 8-bit synthesizer with samples from Capcom’s earliest smash hit. Some of PO-128’s capabilities include a three-track sequencer, 128 pattern chaining and a micro drum kit. Both devices can be synced together via 3.5mm I/O cable with other Pocket Operator devices as well as Korg Volca synthesizers and iPhones.

The PO-133 Street Fighter is out now for $89; the PO-128 Mega Man will be out December 2nd at the same rate.

Synth Innovators…

Teenage Engineering was founded in 2005 by Jesper Kouthoofd, David Eriksson, Jens Rudberg and David Möllerstedt and is based in Stockholm. They are most known for their award-winning OP-1 synthesizer. The company released the Pocket Operator in collaboration with now-defunct Swedish clothing label Cheap Monday in 2015. They followed it up with and two other versions in 2016 and 2018.

…And A Gaming Legacy

Capcom began as I.R.M. Corporation in 1979 as an arcade company, its name a clipped compound of “Capsule Computers.” Since the release of the first Street Fighter game in August 1987, the series generated $1 billion in revenue in arcade cabinet sales and 44 million home units worldwide.

Mega Man was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 and expanded to over 50 games on multiple systems. As of December 31st, 2019, the game series has sold 36 million units worldwide.

Find more information on the Pocket Operator PO-133 Street Fighter sampler here and the PO-128 Mega Man here.

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