Derrick Carter Launches Reverb Shop Filled with Historic Gear

by | Oct 6, 2020 | DJ Gear, Hardware, Tech | 0 comments

Derrick Carter has launched a shop on popular music instrument marketplace In his online storefront, fans and artists alike can purchase rare equipment that might otherwise be difficult to obtain. While rare due to production restrictions, the gear is also culturally significant and fundamentally makes up the building blocks of a portion of house music history.

In conversation with, Carter discussed how he ended up with his staggering amount of gear. He explained that he wanted to own all of the different versions of each instrument in an effort to complete a collection.

“I was a completist,” Carter said. “I collected things, and my idea was to complete these collections and then have an original one—the OEM one—and then one that’s the ultra-modded one, and then levels of varying degrees in between, as if I was some kind of museum curator.” shared a video of Carter going over his inventory on their YouTube channel. Those who aren’t looking to purchase anything can still find enjoyment in his stories. He details the significance of each piece and how they relate to his storied career – including a short aside about a Roland TR-909 borrowed by Jeff Mills.

Derrick Carter’s shop is now live, and at the time of writing it contains over 50 items. View his listings here.

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