Denon DJ Adds In-Device Beatport and Soundcloud Streaming to Prime Devices

by | Aug 4, 2020 | DJ Gear, Tech | 0 comments

A recent update to Denon DJ‘s Engine OS now gives users the ability to integrate Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO+ to their PRIME series equipment.

Using the two streaming services, equipment owners will be able to search for music from each of the platforms’ libraries and download tracks directly onto the device. This allows DJs to access music from their online collections without the need of external storage. When downloaded, the tracks are analyzed and song information including key, BPM, and waveform are displayed.

On their YouTube channel, Denon DJ shared a video demonstrating the features included in the latest Engine OS update. Although brief, the video provides a visual tutorial DJs can use to learn the new features.

In addition to the Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO+ integration, several bug fixes were deployed alongside a new BPM detection algorithm and “Quick Source Menu.” The latter is an interface that allows users to quickly switch between media devices, streaming services, and more.

Version 1.5 of Denon DJ’s Engine OS is out now. Download the latest update and read the complete patch notes on their website here.

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