Occultists Label Head James Demon Releases Alessa EP

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Music | 0 comments

Occultists‘ latest offering exhibits a more club-friendly manifestation of the Berlin label’s subversive sound. Despite coming from imprint founder James Demon himself, the Alessa EP comprises four songs that “stand true to the label’s philosophy of finding the light within the darkness.”

“Weisse Hexe” and “Stay Up Late” make for an upbeat start to the EP even though Demon incorporated samples from horror movies over each track’s high end. The former single’s bass line is almost melodic in and of itself, and atmospheric elements in the latter instill an eery ambience throughout the arrangement. The title track of the effort is perhaps the most melodic of the lot – and predictably, “Pentagram” is the darkest for its hard techno dissonance.

Occultists’ previous release was F600‘s Subsoil EP, which bore more of the hallmarks of the label’s “arcane-inspired” signature sound. Before that, the imprint released a five-track compilation titled Book Of Shadows Vol. 1 back in May, for which Demon contributed a single titled “Old Magick.”

The Alessa EP by James Demon arrives by way of Occultists October 27th. Find the album artwork for the effort below. 

Occultists Alessa EP James Demon Cropped

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