Deepchild Releases Dub Techno Four-Tracker Luminous Pt. 1

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It appears as though Deepchild A.K.A. Rick Bull’s foray into the ambient genre has colored his techno releases. the Australian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer has released a four-track EP aptly titled Luminous Pt. 1 that exhibits brighter sonic imagery than much of his previous work.

The EP’s intro and closing tracks could hardly be classified as techno, bearing more similarities to the producer’s Innocence and Suburbia EP that he released under his Acharné alias earlier in the year. While the other two are closer to his typical sound, they still mark a substantial departure. Lush instrumental samples and echoing vocal refrains ring out over the top line of each arrangement, pushing the boundaries of the genre boldly but tastefully.

In a statement, Bull has said that his father’s struggle with Alzheimers disease served as the inspiration for Luminous Pt. 1. “After several months (and few words) with this beautiful soul, I’ve experienced his ubiquitous ‘condition’ as the voice of a divine messenger,” it reads, “one gently whispering to go slower, try easier, love more fully, robustly, humorously, intentionally.”

Bull is not the only producer in the Berlin techno scene incorporating ambient elements into his concepts. Last month, Ukrainian producer Etapp Kyle released an EP titled Alpha on Berlin imprint Ostgut Ton that also explored this oft-neglected end of the techno spectrum in its own way.

Luminous Pt. 1 by Deepchild comes out on Seppuku today, September 1st.

Deepchild Luminous Pt. 1 Artwork

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