Microlot, Benefield and Kcin Remix Deepchild’s Debut Album as Acharné

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In April, Deepchild A.K.A. Rick Bull ventured outside the confines of minimal techno to debut his Acharné alias with Innocence and Suburbia. Three months later, producers MicrolotBenefield and Kcin have each turned out remixes of the ambient/experimental album’s title track for the Innocense in Suburbia – Student Is Teacher Remixes EP.

Compared to the rest of the album, the dark texturing of “Innocence and Suburbia” fell closer in style to typical Deepchild releases. The remixers each brought new dimension in their own interpretations, though. Microlot and Benefield’s luminous soundscapes paint soothing, cerebral mental pictures, whereas the howling white noise of Kcin’s remix elicits an even more visceral response than the original.

The remix EP concludes with a new single titled “The Child.” It exhibits a decidedly melodic iteration of the Acharné sound, taking a melancholy turn at the final minute of the arrangement.

Two Different Worlds

Rick Bull’s Deepchild project had become a staple of the Berlin techno scene; he performed at Berghain‘s famous Panoramabar among other local destinations. Amid relationship woes and other personal crises in 2015, Acharné became a way for him to “metabolize [the] fragmentation.”

Since the creative shift, Bull hasn’t stopped at the ambient and downtempo genres. Two days ago, he uploaded a variation in production of American pop star Ariana Grande‘s “Into You” to his SoundCloud profile as a free download. While the instrumental version certainly still exudes the challenging dissonance typical of his other releases, the choice of source material comes across fairly out of character.

Suburbia – Student Is Teacher Remixes came out on Seppüku Records July 6th.

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