Etapp Kyle Shares Clips from New EP Ahead of Release on Ostgut Ton

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Etapp Kyle‘s fresh take on the techno genre has culminated in a four-track EP. Titled Alpha, the effort marks the Ukrainian DJ and producer’s first full release on Berlin record label Ostgut Ton.

The four soundscapes comprising Alpha avoid techno clichés while still staying true to the genre’s time-tested aesthetic. Rather than exploring minimal, murky sonic depths, each concept artfully pairs rich instrumental samples with atmospheric elements. However, “Quantum” is the only remotely melodic track on the EP; the others exist in a blissful space in between.

Etapp Kyle is a resident of Berlin nightclub Berghain – the venue tied to Ostgut Ton. His initial contribution to the label was his 2015 single “Nolah,” which appeared on their Zehn compilation from the same year. He describes his new EP as “four tracks of pristine, sci-fi minimalism” that are “more utopian than dystopian.”

Etapp Kyle’s Alpha EP arrives by way of Ostgut Ton on September 8th. Find the tracklist and album art for the effort below.

Source: Resident Advisor

A1. “Alpha”
A2. “Quantum”
B1. “Source”
B2. “Ritual”

Etapp Kyle Alpha Album Art

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