Vertical Mode Serve Up Remix of Simon Patterson’s “Spike”

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Simon Patterson‘s no stranger to the dark side of the trance genre, but one of his songs just received a heavy makeover. Israeli psytrance duo Vertical Mode remixed the British producer’s early 2017 single “Spike,” and what they have turned out cuts deeper than the source material.

The high-octane energy of Patterson’s original mix remain, but additional squelches, samples and sound effects have been layered on heavily. As busy as the arrangement can get at times, however, all of the crisp elements overlap with one another to a minimal degree.

Vertical Mode consists of Moshe Keinan and Hanan Gorenshtien, who are respectively known by the stage names Xerox and Volcano. Keinan and Gorenshtien joined forces in 2013, and have quickly become a staple of psytrance. Their single from earlier in July titled “Inside Your Head,” reached #12 on the Beatport psytrance charts, and they’re slated to perform at Psi-Fi “Book of Changes” in Leeuwarden, Netherlands on August 16th.

The Vertical Mode remix of “Spike” by Simon Patterson comes out on VII August 14th.

Source: Trance Project

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