Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – 14 Killer Tracks From March and April

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Whether you’re a casual listener, a hardcore music nerd, or somewhere in between, the sheer volume of new music released on a daily basis means some gems will invariably pass you by. Crate Digging is a monthly roundup of top-tier tunes you might have missed from across the electronic music spectrum.

From obscurities uncovered during trips down Bandcamp rabbit holes to the latest releases from legendary artists, Crate Digging is here to keep your collection up to date.

1. The Southern – Consciousness [CLR]

The Southern lands on CLR with gnarly, bass-heavy broken techno that hits full-throttle early on and never lets up. “Consciousness” blends dystopian sound design with bone-crushing drums and warped acid sequences.

2. Andrey Sirotkin – Kyiv-Lviv Express [Vyrii Records]

Ukrainian veteran Andrey Sirotkin layers lush, dusty chords over shuffling beats and sharp percussion on “Kyiv-Lviv Express” to create a tunneling groove aimed squarely at the dance floor.

3. Ana Antonova – Can’t You See [Form & Terra Records]

“Can’t You See” harks back to the golden era of tech house, with its warm, melodic lead and precise, mechanical drums.

4. Emmanuel De La Paix – Ekkos [Seven Scales Records]

Inspired by the rugged beauty of nature and the unique perspectives that digital image editing can create, “Ekkos” sees Emmanuel De La Paix combining soaring synths with distorted guitar drones, exploring the overlap between organic and synthetic.

5. Plaster – Lazy Tongues [Pyteca]

One of the final pieces of music written before Plaster sold his Roland SH-101, “Lazy Tongues” is a mostly improvised, low-slung IDM trip into the acid zone.

6. Hurdslenk – False Pretence [Hardgroove]

“False Pretence” is rugged, peak-time techno from Hurdslenk. The U.K.-based producer centers the track around a spiraling, dubby lead and crunchy percussive loops, making it a perfect fit for Ben Sims‘ label, Hardgroove.

7. Desinformant & Hedchef – The Perennial Question [Feed The Void]

Naarm (Melbourne) producers Desinformant and Hedchef team up on “The Perennial Question,” a devastating U.K. bass cut with razor-sharp, stuttering beats and LFO-modulated, overdriven bass.

8. Mike Nasty – Mind Made Up [Nasty Tracks]

Proper, soulful house from New York’s Mike Nasty. “Mind Made Up” is a delightful, jazzy journey through sultry vocals, fluttering pianos, and a welcome surprise in the form of a flute solo.

9. Head Front Panel – Surdo [Dark Machine Funk Recordings]

John Heckle dons his Head Front Panel alias for “Surdo,” balancing light and dark elements by combining rolling percussion with hypnotic pads and a big, funky bassline.

10. Dominic Capello – Not For Instagram DJs [Alien Communications]

“Not For Instagram DJs” is just one of many highlights on Sub Club resident Dominic Capello‘s debut album. True to its name, this is an expansive, slowly unfurling journey with a meticulous attention to detail that rewards patient listeners.

11. Mark Williams – All About The Bass [Music For Change]

Veteran techno producer Mark Williams takes his sound into new territory with “All About The Bass.” His trademark crisp percussion and tightly controlled melodic elements are still present, but they’re twisted into a more melancholy and hypnotic form than in his previous work.

12. Pugilist – Destructor [Self-Released]

Gritty, cross-genre pollination like only Pugilist can deliver. “Destructor” is a unique blend of the sound design typically present in techno and conventional garage or 2-step arrangement, with the end result being more than the sum of its parts.

13. Bassbin Twins – Tuff 125 [Bassbin Beats]

Big, brash, mid-tempo breakbeat from one of the best sample hunters in electronic music. Absolutely chock full of obscure samples and reworked classic breakbeats, “TUFF 125” is quintessential Bassbin Twins.

14. POD & Tamen – Uma [Straight Up Breakbeat]

“Uma” is a raucous yet intelligent slice of jungle from POD and Tamen. Fluttering, trancey synths and washed-out chords are layered over rugged, chopped-up breaks and massive sub hits, creating an engaging interplay of light and shade.


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