Moog Music Releases Animoog Z Production and Performance App For iOs and Mac

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Moog Music has released the Animoog Z for iOS and Mac, an evolution of the original Animoog app introduced on iPad over 10 years ago.

Animoog Z comes with a streamlined user interface and multiplatform support, making the app a powerful instrument for any musician’s sound designing endeavors.

Getting started with Animoog Z is simple; selecting and dragging the orbit path creates endless sonic configurations as the patch travels through an array of timbres. Animoog Z expands on the original Animoog’s Anisotropic Synth Engine, allowing the X/Y/Z axis shaping of unique timbres to create expressive and evolving soundscapes.

A few other standout features in Animoog Z include:

MPE / MIDI Support

The Animoog Z now supports both MIDI and MIDI Polyphonic Expression keyboards. A MIDI Out mode can control other outboard instruments using the Animoog Z’s expansive touch keyboard.

Animoog Z’s 2021 update introduces MPE qualities to its touch surface keyboard. Polyphonic Modulation uses configurable scales, key distances, pitch correction and glide. Sliding fingers in multiple directions control multiple per-voice modulation parameters in Animoog Z right from the keys. Polyphonic Pitch Shifting manipulates the exact pitch of each note in a chord from rotating or sliding the fingers.


Animoog Z’s touch support directs the synth engine through Animoog Z’s X/Y/Z space, creating flowing and shifting sounds. The rate of orbit can be independently controlled in the X/Y/Z space to create interesting three-dimensional visual shapes. The 3D space can yield interesting results, from subtle to extreme voice manipulation.

The Arpeggiator Module is Animoog Z’s built-in arpeggiator with multiple patterns, octaves, time division, programmable syncopation and melodic motion. The classic four-pole Moog ladder filter makes up the Moog Filter Module with High Pass, Low Pass, and Band Pass modes. Thick Module adds depth, edge, and character to Animoog Z with bitcrushing, detuning and drive. Delay Module brings echo and delay effects, and record and play live performances with the Looper Module. Recordings can be shared between Animoog Z and other apps, email, and messenger.

Timbre Editor

New to Animoog Z, the built-in Timbre Editor allows users to assemble sounds from a wide variety of timbres recorded from vintage and modern Moog synthesizers. Customize sounds, record timbres or import your own WAV files with the built-in timbre recorder.

The below performance of “Currents” by Grammy-nominated artist Suzanne Ciani showcases the Animoog Z’s extensive features.

Animoog Z is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, as an AUv3. A VST wrapper is available for integration in all DAWs that support AUv2, AUv3, and VST3.

An introductory price of $9.99 unlocks Animoog Z’s full functionality on the App Store. Find more information on the Animoog Z on the Moog Music website.

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