The Axxent MS-100 Intercom Station Has a Dedicated Cigarette Compartment

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Tech, Uncategorized | 0 comments

While this headline might read like something we would publish on April 1st, the Axxent MS-100 is a real and working device. The 19-inch rackmount MS-100 is a relaunch of its 1999 predecessor, used for communication between studio and venue staff.

One of the primary [considerations] in design was an extreme high degree of speech intelligibility, even under severe circumstances, like noisy surroundings and high music sound pressure levels (during rehearsals and performance),” the Axxent datasheet states.

Its workings are simple: It carries a line and microphone I/O, volume control, as well as buttons for call lights, buzzers and the like. Each unit comes with a 12V cigarette lighter and can double as a mobile charger. It also comes with a front compartment to hold cigarettes or other small items of the user’s choosing.

Looking out for the safety of its users, Axxent also adds a warning message to the MS-100 underneath its cigarette compartment: “Smoking is dangerous to your health.”

The Thomann website lists the MS-100 at $535 and “on request,” which is atypical of the fulfillment process of most pro audio gear.

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