Arturia V Collection 9.1 Update Introduces Performance, Accessibility Updates

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Arturia’s update of their V Collection 9 series expands on the software’s accessibility, personalization, creativity and hardware integration.

Discovery Update 9.1 contains new sound tutorials for Korg’s MS-20 V, Prophet-5 V, CS-80 V and SQ-80 V synthesizer modules. Polyphony options for all instruments and presets are now accessible directly in Analog Lab’s interface. Customizable MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) settings are now in the software, and input audio for Vocoder V presets are also available.

The 9.1 discovery update adds more features to increase workflow on their MiniLab 3 controller, integrating the controls and browser. For users with visual impairments, a set of new keyboard shortcuts and voiceover commands are included as well.

Update 9.1 rolls out the Arturia Software Center, a tool to keep track of all the resources and downloads for each synthesizer. Along with these additions, feedback from the Arturia user community yields many performance fixes in the latest update for certain instruments.

The Arturia V-Collection 9.1 Update is available as a free download for current V Collection 9 owners. The full version of the entire collection usually runs for $599, but it can be purchased for and introductory price of $299 at the time of writing.

Find more information on Arturia’s website.

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