Adam X Fuses Acid and Industrial Techno in New LP, Rüdersdorf Acid Tracks

by | Mar 13, 2022 | Acid Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Berlin-based DJ and producer Adam X has released a double vinyl LP titled Rüdersdorf Acid Tracks. Named after an abandoned chemical factory outside of Berlin, the nine-track collection arrived on February 4th through his techno and industrial label, Sonic Groove.

“Deep within the forests of Rüdersdorf, Germany, 1.5 miles outside Berlin, exists a forgotten realm, a dark and dystopian place,” reads an album description. Its first track, “88 Tram,” backs up this ominous prose with a moody, brisk walk through the void thanks to a gritty bass line and ethereal beats. The entire LP takes on a life of its own as each track pulses, vibrates, and confidently spreads an air of mystery and trepidation. Crisp 303 synthesizer sounds collide and coalesce with each other in the aptly titled “Meteors Galore,” a breakneck acid techno sound seemingly tailor made to fill every square inch of Rüdersdorf itself.

About Adam X

Starting around 1990 in the underground dance music scene of Brooklyn, New York, Adam X has remained one of techno’s most prolific artists. He and his brother, influential techno producer Frankie Bones, founded Groove Records, which later rebranded to Sonic Groove. The label offered one of America’s first real outlets underground techno. The two are often credited credited with kickstarting the underground rave scene Stateside, including NYC’s Storm Rave party series.

Purchase or download Rüdersdorf Acid Tracks in digital and double 12-inch vinyl format via Sonic Groove Bandcamp.

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