New Documentary Exploring the Origins of Punjabi Garage Set for Release

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Garage, News | 0 comments

A new documentary by Ministry of Sound titled The Birth of Punjabi Garage is scheduled for release on Thursday, November 18th.

Considered the first project of its kind to focus on Punjabi garage, the documentary aims to explore the genre’s early roots all the way up to modern-day collectives. One such collective covered in the film is Daytimers UK. Provhat Rahman, a DJ and producer from east London, is a co-founder of the group whose aim is to empower and showcase talent emerging from the South Asian diaspora.

The film’s co-producer, Yung Singh, said the film was “just the start of the conversation” in a recent Twitter post. “Hopefully it provides insight into how things got started,” he went on.

Featuring archival footage of artists producing music in their garages and home studios, the film aims to explore race, identity, and culture by showcasing South Asian contributions to the early 2000s UK garage scene. Artists featured in the documentary include Sunrider SattanSurjRDBMetz n TrixIndy Sagu, and Yung Singh.

Back in August of 2021, Singh played a set for broadcasting platform Boiler Room. With his newly raised profile, he aims to honor the artists that came before him with the film.

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