DJ Godfather Announces New Album, This Detroit Thing Of Ours

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Electro, Ghetto House, Ghettotech, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Nearly three decades into his career, DJ Godfather appears to have caught the album bug.

Last fall saw the release of the Detroit ghettotech figurehead’s debut studio-length effort, Electro Beats For Freaks. On November 12th, he will follow it up with another longform work titled This Detroit Thing Of Ours [DB-103] via Databass.

The sophomore album follows a format similar to the first. Its 46 tracks transition seamlessly for continuous listening, exploring styles like ghettotech, ghetto house and electro. Featured artists ParkhouseGoodmoney G100Lil Mz 313 and King Saaidi return in This Detroit Thing Of Ours. The effort also includes collaborations with DJ Deeon, Missy and Gettoblaster.

As with Electro Beats For Freaks, DJ Godfather (real name Brian Jeffries) will follow up the release of This Detroit Thing Of Ours with a series of EPs. Each vinyl record will consist of a handful of tracks from the album in a format better suited for DJ sets.

Jeffries’ name comes up in conversations about ghettotech as often as artists like DJ FunkDJ Assault, and the late Disco D. At only 18 years old, he cofounded Twilight 76 Records alongside DJ Dick and Brian Gillespie in 1994. Today, he runs the label Databass in his downtime from worldwide touring.

Find the album artwork and tracklist for DJ Godfather’s This Detroit Thing Of Ours below.

DJ Godfather This Detroit Thing Of Ours Artwork

DJ Godfather This Detroit Thing Of Ours Tracklist

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