Regis Concludes EPM20 Series with Surprise Techno 3-Tracker, Beyond The Reach Of Time EP

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EPM Music followed up its 20th anniversary EP series, EPM20, with a 21-song compilation on which “Beyond The Reach Of Time Pt. 1” by Regis appeared. As a surprise conclusion to this year’s commemorative releases, the label and PR company has announced a full EP by the U.K. techno figurehead. The Beyond The Reach Of Time EP arrives in digital and vinyl format November 12th.

According to a press release, Regis (real name Karl O’Connor) produced the tracks comprising the EP back in 1999. The euphoric synths of “Beyond The Reach Of Time Pt. 2” clashed with the harder style of Tresor Records, for whom O’Connor was producing an album, but they did not fit his Housewerk Records label either.

Interestingly, the Beyond The Reach Of Time EP‘s title track shares about as many elements in common with its accompaniment, “At The Side Of Silence,” as its prequel on the EPM20 compilation. “No Love From Above” is the outlier as far as the EP is concerned – but its subtle, grating textures liken it to O’Connor’s usual fare.

O’Connor began producing music in the early ’90s and founded Downwards Records alongside Female in 1993. In addition to key releases like 1995’s Montreal, his early support of artists like Surgeon cemented his status as a key personality in Birmingham techno.

The Beyond The Reach Of Time EP will be available for purchase via EPM Music Bandcamp.

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