Tresor Director Dimitri Hegemann Speaks at BAM-C 3.0 on Sarajevo Hotel Transformation

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Having opened Tresor mere months before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991, Dimitri Hegemann is acutely aware of the role creative spaces can play during a cultural shift. This past weekend, he participated in a panel talk at BAM-C 3.0 on how the disused Igman Hotel in Sarajevo could serve such a purpose.

BAM-C inaugurated in 2019 with the vision of positioning Bosnia and Herzegovina as a music and creative industry hub in the Balkans according to BHRT. The 2021 event ran from October 8th-10th with the BAM-C Advanced Panel taking place on the 9th. Hegemann accompanied United We Stream CEO Anna Käthe HarnesSEE Contact CEO Martina Keškić, and other speakers in a discussion on how the Igman Hotel could be repurposed to that end.

Dimitri Hegemann Igman Hotel BAM-C 3.0

Image credit: Dimitri Hegemann

Ahmed Dzuvic designed the Igman Hotel to host the Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in 1984. It suffered structural damage during the Bosnian War of 1992-1995 and has remained vacant in the decades since.

Dimitri Hegemann’s Tresor is celebrated for its role in establishing techno culture as a symbol of Germany’s reunification. The nightlife institution includes a record label of its namesake that recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary with a compilation called Tresor 30.

In 2016, Hegemann had designs on opening a club in Detroit’s disused Packard Automotive Plant. Last year it came to light that the owner of the land, Fernando Palazuelo, made plans to sell it off.

No video of the BAM-C Advanced Panel discussion has been made available for public viewing by the conference’s organizers at the time of writing.

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