Moog Sound Studio Now Available as a 3-Synth Bundle

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Hardware, Tech | 0 comments

Moog debuted the Sound Studio in March 2021, with options to purchase the Subharmonicon or Mother-32 synths along with the Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM). Now, Moog has released a three-tier option for beginning or professional modular synth enthusiasts along with many extras. 

Each purchase of Moog Sound Studio’s full bundle comes a custom dust cover, audio mixer, patch book and cables. Other items in the package contain a synth exploration card game and custom artwork by Moog. 

Below are the three synths offered in the Moog Sound Studio bundle: 


The Subharmonicon is a six-tone, semi-modular analogue synthesizer that focuses on polyrhythmics and subharmonics. Six total sound sources are available, featuring two VCOs and four subharmonic oscillators.

Mathematical divisions are key in creating unique sound design, along with on-board quantization and tuning options. A legacy Moog Ladder Filter, dual envelope generators, and Eurorack compatibility round out the set of features.


The Mother-32’s attributes as an analogue synth come together to create a powerful step-sequencing and live performance instrument. It carries two sequencers with 64 built-in sequences and MIDI support for easy use sans patch cables. 


DFAM’s hands-on approach to generating percussive and unique patterns benefits new users as well as music professionals. It comes paired with the Moog Ladder Filter, a white-noise generator with two analogue oscillators to provide deep bass or crisp percussion. A 24-point patchbay allows syncing with other Moog instruments, including the Mother-32 and Subharmonicon.

The Moog Sound Studio is available now for $1,999. Find more information on Moog’s website.

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