myVolts ReVolt Bridge to Add USB Power To Battery-Powered Devices

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Ireland-based myVolts has launched a Kickstarter campaign for ReVolt Bridge, a USB-powered battery alternative for portable music devices and other gadgets.

The ReVolt Bridge is a battery-shaped adapter that sits in the compartment of devices that use AAA, AA, C or D batteries. From there, a DC power jack with a USB connector cable powers the ReVolt. Many USB sources can then power the Revolt, such as laptop ports, mobile power banks and even USB solar cells.

ReVolt powers up to 12 battery slots in a device using myVolts’ proprietary “dummy batteries.” These hollow batteries carry internal electrical connections, completing the circuit. The ReVolt can also “daisychain” multiple devices – meaning, one ReVolt Bridge cable can power many devices using only one cord and power source.

ReVolt’s thin-ribbon cable allows closing of the battery compartment door, unlike other battery alternatives that use bulkier cords. ‘555’ chips in each battery ensure power banks do not shut off due to low powered devices being unrecognizable.


The environmental aspects of the ReVolt are, in fact, precedent setting.

ReVolt easily replaces the high cost of standard batteries. Standard batteries are also infamous for leaking and corrosion, the root cause of damage in many battery-powered devices. The ReVolt can be used safely anywhere in the world, bypassing travel restrictions in place for batteries like lithium ion and others.

As myVolts states, the company has “developed a practical way replace your batteries, for good.”

ReVolt begins shipping in July, with funding packages starting around $36. Kickstarter add-on rewards to each package include a “9V snap to DC” connector, a solar power panel and even a 3D-printed case for Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator.

Find out More information on myVolt’s Kickstarter page.

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