Tangerine Dream to Rerelease 1970 Album, Electronic Meditation, on Cassette

by | May 16, 2021 | Experimental, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Early electronic music band Tangerine Dream plan to reissue their debut studio-length album. Electronic Meditations will release in cassette tape format on Italian label Radiation Records June 25th.

The five-song record originally came out in 1970. Resident Advisor notes that it’s the German group’s only longform work featuring members Klaus Schulze, Conrad Schnitzler, and the late Edgar Froese, who rented a factory where they recorded it on a Revox two-track tape recorder.

Electronic Meditations encapsulates Tangerine Dream’s early style of free rock, characterized by the use of homemade instruments and noise samples a la musique concrète. The record, which has seen numerous reissues in the more than 50 years since, marked the band’s breakthrough, long before they developed the synth-heavy style of ambient/experimental music scored films like ThiefRisky Business and The Keep.

Froese, who founded the group in 1967, died at 70 of pulmonary embolism in 2015. The current lineup consists of Thorsten QuaeschningHoshiko Yamane, and Ulrich Schnauss. Last year, they participated in an installment of Fact Magazine‘s “Against The Clock” and released a box set of their early ’80s releases.

Preorder the 2021 cassette tape reissue of Tangerine Dream’s Electronic Meditations via Forced Exposure.

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