Tangerine Dream Record Song in 10 Minutes for Latest Installment of Against The Clock

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Tangerine Dream need no introduction among those acquainted with electronic music’s nebulous origins. The German group have composed a song in ten minutes for an appearance on FACT Magazine‘s “Against The Clock” series.

As with previous installments of “Against The Clock,” Tangerine Dream – whose current lineup consists of Thorsten QuaeschningHoshiko Yamane and Ulrich Schnauss – must produce a recording in ten minutes. Quaeschning leads with a solemn guitar chord, and Schnauss responds with atmospheric keys that drive the early part of the arrangement. Yamane starts off slow on the electric violin, working up to a flourish as the composition transitions from one movement to the next.

Just as the trio start to take the concept in a compelling direction the one-minute timer rings out, forcing them to bring the session to an abrupt (and technically difficult) close.

Tangerine Dream’s Enduring Legacy

Unlike fellow Germans Kraftwerk, whose influence crept into the spheres of rock, hip-hop and pop music, Tangerine Dream are perhaps best known for their film scores. Risky BusinessThe Keep and Thief were but a few of the films soundtracks by the group, whose use of synthesizers also informed a generation of ambient artists.

What the two groups do have in common, on the other hand, is a near-constant revolving door of members. Tangerine Dream was founded by the late Edgar Froese, who was the only remaining member up until his 2015 passing.

In December of 2019, Tangerine Dream released their most recent album, Recurring Dreams, comprised of updated renditions of the group’s early classics.

Image credit: Melanie Reinisch

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