Luke Slater’s Techno EP, Say It Loud, to Mark Token Records’ 100th Release

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14 years ago, Belgian label Token Records inaugurated with Inigo Kennedy‘s Identify Yourself EP. With a catalogue that now includes music by the likes of Ø [Phase]Mark Broom and Oscar Mulero, the imprint will celebrate its 100th release with an eclectic offering by none other than Luke Slater.

Say It Loud [TOKEN100] releases May 14th under Slater’s long-running Planetary Assault Systems alias. The EP consists of four songs that each represent separate strata of the techno spectrum.

Token Records shared the funky title track of the EP as its lead single along with an engaging visual. “Bang Bap” and “Bolt” on the A side lean more towards hard and minimal techno, respectively. Say It Loud closes out with “Shine” on the flip, whose dissonant lead synths round out the effort nicely.

Luke Slater and Planetary Assault Systems

One of the U.K.’s first techno producers, Luke Slater’s recording career began in 1992 with the Maiden Voyage EP on Loaded Records. In spite of achieving mainstream crossover success with singles like “Love” in 1997 and “All Exhale” in 1999, his body of work has largely aligned with the challenging ethos of underground dance music.

Planetary Assault Systems is perhaps Slater’s best-known alias. He inaugurated it with Planetary Funk Vol 1 via Peacefrog Records in 1993, and later releases under the moniker have found homes on labels like Figure, Ostgut Ton and Mote-Evolver. Most recently, he and Ø [Phase] released the Nu Rebels Club E.P through the latter imprint under their RoogUnit project.

Say It Loud is available for pre-order in both digital and 12-inch vinyl record formats via Token Records Bandcamp.

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